Traditional vodka

the trade mark "Spicul de Aur" 

It is made of high quality wheat spirit "Lux" and drinking water purified according to a special technology of indirect osmosis - with the subsequent processing by the activated coal and careful filtration through quartz sand, that reliably provides a high degree of clearing of the drink.

The producer:

The Shareholding Company "Produse Cerealiere", Balti, Moldova

The enterprise was founded in 1944. Originally it was specialized in grain processing, producing of high quality sorts of flavour, cereals as well as fodder out of waste products.

In 1997 a new wheat spirit factory was built. The productivity of the factory is 1000 dal/24hrs.
Spicul de Aur

Since 1997 the shareholding company "Produse Cerealiere" has been the only producer of the wheat spirit in the Republic of Moldova. The produced spirit - ethyl, rectified - "Highly purified", "Extra", "Lux" - differ from other kinds of spirit by their special mildness, clarity and pure aroma.

July 2001 - the launch of a new section for producing high quality sorts of vodka. The first three sorts of vodka under the trade mark "Spicul de Aur" were made out of the self-produced spirit "Lux".  And in the year 2002 it already received three gold medals at the International Exposition "Industry of Drinks 2002" in Moscow, as well as a silver medal in Saint-Petersbourgh at the "Petersbourgh Fair of Wines and Vodka".  In the year 2004 the vodka “Spicul de Aur Premium” was awarded the Golden Medal and a diploma for the victory in the nomination “Golden Brand”.

It's a common knowledge that vodka is made of spirit and water. The fact that a good spirit is made out of wheat, is known to the majority of people. The fact that a good vodka should pass several stages of purification is known to many people. But the fact that besides good spirit and good water vodka has got many other natural ingredients improving its taste, is known only to specialists. We try to make this fact well-known, offering a new series of vodka under the trademark "Spicul de Aur".

And the main thing is that if you compare the quality of products by "PRODUSE CEREALIERE" with other kinds of vodka of the same price category you will see that we guarantee a pleasant and a healthy feast, not imposing extra expenses on you.


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